NEW INSURANCE AGENT TRAINING PLATFORM provides new agents valuable tools and training to succeed in the insurance industry. Industry leading producers have built a platform to help a new agent from the beginning to achieving great success in three vitally important areas: Marketing, Winning P&C, and Life Insurance Sales. is a full suite consisting of training videos, sales tools available to download, helpful tips, and software to implement these leading ideas.




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DISCLOSURE,, and may not have a vendor or training agreement with your insurance company. IAT is an unaffiliated training site and platform built by agents for agents. It is the agent’s responsibility to check with their carrier to be sure there would be no adverse conflict between the agent and their appointment when going through outside training, presentation, and marketing platforms. Membership does not contract you nor appoint you in any way with any insurance licensing department. It is simply a site for insurance agents wanting to learn and elevate their insurance sales skills.