Our insurance agent podcast is the most exciting thing to hit the insurance industry in decades. Training from the industry’s best. Marketing concepts for property and casualty agents that are innovative and effective. Presentation delivery training and software that helps you win!

Phoebe Chongchua – Three Marketing Tips To Increase Your Insurance Business, Ep. 11

Brand Journalist & Marketing Consultant, Phoebe Chongchua, shares three tips to increase insurance sales by becoming an online authority in your industry.

Matt Harness – Recruiting and Launching a Successful Insurance Agency, Ep. 10

General Agent, Matt Harness, shares how he recruits agents and launches a successful insurance agency.

Morris Sims – Thinking on Purpose, Ep. 9

Guest Morris Sims shares why you have to know your “why”. Recognizing how purpose drives us can help you finally get to the bottom of your “why” and cause you to excel in business.

Garry Kinder – The Common Denominator of Success, Ep. 8

Garry Kinder shares his key industry insights and talks about why you must set and measure goals.

Deirdre Van Nest – Crazy Good Talks, Ep. 7

Deirdre Van Nest shares how to give yourself a competitive edge, build your brand and bring in business through speaking.

Morris Sims – The Power of Influence in Sales, Ep. 6

Morris Sims shares the power of influence in insurance and sales.

Garry Kinder – A True Insurance Industry Icon, Ep. 5

Garry Kinder shares why activity should be a successful agents’ primary focus.

Billy McDougall – Life Insurance Disscussion, Ep. 4

Billy McDougall takes us on a journey that can completely evolve your life insurance business.

Richard Weylman – Breaking Out In A Competitive Marketing Place, Ep. 3

Richard Weylman a highly sought-after marketing consultant in the financial services industry joins us.

Tom Hegna – Retirement Income Solutions, Ep. 2

Insurance professional Tom Henga joins us on retirement income solutions.

Lance Johnson – New Marketing and Training Platforms for Multiple Line Agents, Ep. 1

Lance Johnson joins us on new marketing and training platforms for multiple line agents.


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